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About StreetFleet

The StreetFleet Team are real people who perfectly understand how to help each individual and organisations achieve their goals. We have exceptional expertise; we like to have fun and we get the job done.

James Ehmann
National Manager AUS & NZ
Annette Ehmann
Office Manager
Meredith Waterhouse
National Brand & Communications Manager AUS & NZ
Amy Hoffmann
Admin & Settlements
Jerome Alpuerto
Regional Manager Eastern AUS & NZ
Robert Andrews
Fleet Management Consultant Eastern AUS & NZ
Rebeka Harrison
Fleet Assistant Eastern AUS & NZ
Robert Bell
Regional Manager SA/NT/WA
Heath Gambarotto
Fleet Management Consultant SA/WA/NT
Sally Palmer
Fleet Management Consultant SA/WA/NT
Jodie Turner
Fleet Management Consultant SA/WA/NT
Rachel Bolderoff
Fleet Admin
Brooke Watson
Fleet Admin & Settlement Support Officer
Tina Rix
Fleet Admin