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Sale & Leaseback

Review your fleet so we can show you how to free up capital and ease cash flow in your organisation..

Sale and Leaseback is for organisations who own their vehicles and would like to move to a vehicle lease model. StreetFleet purchases the vehicles using market valuations and then leases those same cars back to the organisation under an operating lease method providing capital injection into the organisation.
Other benefits include:

• Organisation is already familiar with vehicle fleet operations
• No wait time for vehicle supply
• Quick turn around
• Reduced administration costs
• Detailed fleet reporting and monitoring
• Maintenance controlling
• One simple monthly repayment includes all expenses
• Ease of budgeting
• Fleet usage can be easily broken down into hourly rates
• Provides clear parameters for fleet upgrading

The below table shows indicative sale and leaseback pricing for this case study, wherein a client owned 9 people movers with disability modifications in some cases. The client in question was having issues with budgeting for increasing maintenance costs and wanted the ability to report on their fleet’s usage and easily work through hourly costs for the impending NDIS rollout.
Note that all indicative lease pricing below includes:

• Servicing for lease term
• Replacement tyres per 40,000km travelled
• Registration for full term
• Extended warranty (subject to insurer’s acceptance)
• Roadside assistance for full term (optional)
• Fuel card facility (optional)
• Wheelchair lifter servicing for full term (if applicable)
• Full reporting suite (FBT, usage, fuel, expenses, accidents etc)
• All pricing is based on terms shown (options are 1-5 years)
• Km restriction is based on each vehicle’s current annual distance travelled (rounded up)

In the above case study, we are able to free up $213,333.40 for the client to invest back into their organisation with a new monthly lease cost of $6276.33 per month (including all running and administration costs).
What happens at the end of the lease?

At the end of each lease, the client has the option to:
• Simply hand the vehicle back (no balloon payment)
• Extend the vehicle for a further term (1-5 years)
• Replace the vehicle with a new vehicle lease
• Buy the vehicle at the market price at that time