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Owning a motor vehicle, the unexpected can happen at any time, and usually at the worst possible time. It’s important to know that you have the right cover for the right situation.

Comprehensive Motor vehicle insurance

Each StreetFleet lease must have fully comprehensive insurance throughout the lease period. We will quote on some of the most competitive and comprehensive policies in the market and can include the cost of all premiums in the lease amount, making ensuring your vehicle is insured as easily as possible.
Pricing for insurance policies varies greatly depending on the policy inclusions and exclusions as well as how easy the claims process is.

Speak to your dedicated Fleet Management Consultant for more details.

Accident Management & Roadside Assistance

Support to cover you when you and your vehicle need

Native Pathways Project

Offset your carbon emissions through our Carbon Neutral partnership


Access accurate data and insights about your vehicles

Maintenance, Fuel and Tolls

Make budgeting an ease with access to reports on vehicle data