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Accessible Transport

Helping you with finance included for vehicle modifications designed for your passenger’s comfort and mobility in mind to keep your organisation’s services on the road.

Accessible transport and disability service vehicles are our specialty and have been since we were established in 1998. Modifying vehicles for use as disability service vehicles can be an expensive and time consuming exercise and we make it a smooth and easy process.

We can include finance for both the vehicle and modification costs up front. We work closely with you and the engineers to ensure that all modifications are designed with your passenger’s comfort and mobility in mind.

We will ensure all modifications, engineer’s reports, inspections and registration are in place prior to delivery so your accessible vehicle will be ready to get on the road at delivery.

For a fully maintained lease with an accessible vehicle, we pay for all scheduled maintenance costs and wheelchair lifter (if fitted) as well as arrange staff training for the various aspects of the modifications, for your peace of mind.

Our experience ensures we only use the very best in the industry to modify your vehicle and we offer a variety of modifications that we can help you design to meet your servicing needs.