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Finance Lease

Financing your organisation’s vehicle purchases by spreading the costs of the capital over the term of the lease.

A Finance Lease enables you to purchase a vehicle or vehicles, for your organisation now, without an upfront lump sum payment of the total value. We spread the cost of the capital item over the term of its useful life and you simply make monthly payments, followed by the residual value, to retain full ownership of the vehicle.

Residual value flexibility
The final residual value is set in consultation with you and using our experience in estimating the future value of vehicles. With a Finance lease you can nominate a figure lower than this if you wish, provided it falls within the Inland Revenue Office guidelines.

Key Benefits:

  • Immediate use of asset now
  • Spread the cost of capital items
  • Easy upgrade at completion
  • Competitive Interest rates
  • Easy and simple applications
  • You retain ownership of vehicle