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Native Pathways Project

Taking climate action and offsetting carbon emissions for your vehicles. We are work with Greenfleet Australia to measure, reduce, and offset carbon emissions to invest in the future of the sustainability of our planet.

How does it work?
Through our Native Pathways Project, StreetFleet has surrendered 588 tonnes of carbon emissions with the purchase of native trees across Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to be partnering with Greenfleet to take climate action and offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation.

What does this mean?
Since 1997, Greenfleet has planted over 10 million trees across 500 forests in Australia and New Zealand, which are protected for up to 100 years and have offset more than 3.9 million tonnes of CO2-e. Greenfleet uses Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM), developed by CSIRO and approved by the Australian Department of the Environment to measure the carbon uptake of our forest at each planting site. These forests are legally protected on-title for up to 100 years from land clearing, harvesting and house construction, even if the land is sold.
What is Carbon Offset?
Carbon offsetting is a market-based mechanism and is typically transacted in metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2-e). Purchasing one tonne of carbon offset means there will be one less tonne of carbon dioxide (or equivalent greenhouse gas) in the atmosphere than there otherwise would have been.
What can I do?
StreetFleet Clients will now be able to nominate to contribute through their monthly lease commitments. This small contribution will be added to your monthly payment contributions at your request.

Action: To add Carbon Offset Contributions to new and current leases, please contact your fleet consultant to activate on Ph: 1300 273 359 or email

How is this calculated: Contributions will be based on the type of car, fuel economy, km/s per year, fuel type & usage. The price per carbon tonne is then calculated based on this information

How is this then passed to Greenfleet: The Carbon Offset Contributions are then used to purchase ongoing metric tonnes of carbon offset to enable more trees to be planted and continue to support the future of our planet.
For more information on how to support Greenfleet in their mission to restore habitats and tackle climate change, visit:

StreetFleet Native Pathways Project

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